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OH2BH : My name is Martti.

JR3QFB : My name is AKI. And how is your trip, and Ham Fair in Tokyo?

OH2BH : Yes, I have not been here for many years. So, I think it was about 7 years ago when I was here last. So, it’s nice to be back. It’s very much the same as it was 7 years ago. I think it’s about the same size, and I am also seeing many of the same people I have met 7 years ago. So, a lot of the people I know from the radio, and it’s nice to meet them here in person again.

JR3QFB : You met many persons about 7 years ago. You met many people.

OH2BH : Yes, it’s, I’m very active on radios. I know most of the Japanese people who are talking on HF bands. And they are keen on talking to me. So, it’s, I have probably met here 4 or 500 of them, so, and saying hello and renewing friendship. It’s a wonderful thing to see people in person.

JA1WTO : Very good. You are very famous for DX-peditions.

OH2BH : Yes, I have been amateur radio operator for more than 50 years.
 My specialty is to travel and activate those very rare countries. I have been operating almost for 100 different countries.  People, kind of, get the new country, QSL cards from me. That’s why they like me and they like to be a friend because they never know what is the next country that I go and visit.

JA1WTO: Why Dx-peditions?

OH2BH : Dx-peditions, I like adventures. You like to go to very difficult places where nobody would go, have been before, and then you talk to administrations and try to convince them that amateur radio is good thing for the society. And you hopefully get a license, then you make many friends on the radio, but for us, it’s like a nature adventure trip, so you see new places and new challenges.

OH2BH : I am collecting also countries, those are the countries that I visit, so I’ d like to visit as many countries as I can during my life. And it gives me a different prospective on life.

JA1WTO : I think it is very difficult to get the license from other countries?

OH2BH : Yes, some countries, I think, the countries I like to visit are the countries that are not difficult in giving license as such. I have to talk to telecom administrations and try to introduce amateur radio to them and see, see, make sure that they see the amateur radio in a positive light.   And when they think this is the good thing for the society, then you get at lease one-time license, hopefully on a longer term, you can convince them to establish amateur radio there.

I have been actually involved in maybe 5 to 6 countries where it was impossible to get the license first. But then after working quite some time with the administrations, so then I was able to convince them that licensing is good, and then they start giving license to other people as well.

JR3QFB, JA1WTO : Very good job

JA1WTO : Whet is your favorite country?

OH2BJ : I have many that I have visited for the first time. So, I think the most difficult country I have visited and I have been the first one to operate is North Korea. North Korea is not easy to visit, not easy to operate, and still it’s a most difficult country in the world even today.

You people obviously have the different emotion and feelings. And for us, the rest of the world, still amateur radio-wise, it is most difficult country.

JA1WTO : What is amateur radio for you?

OH2BH :  To me, it’s a way of life. Amateur radio is a life. It’s not a hobby.  It’s a passion, something that you like to live with, and you make your social circle to be an amateur radio operator. You look world through the eyes of amateur radio operator, which is very different. Your world is different when your amateur radio operated and what it is if you would not be a amateur radio.

JA1WTO, JR3QFB : Thank you very much.