Ham’sRadio-486.ハムのラジオ第486回の配信です (2022/4/24放送)

ハムのラジオ第486回の配信です。 (2022/4/24放送)

今回の特集は「豊中高校 ARISS スクールコンタクト」です。
当日は、当番組のMC JR3QFBさんきゅうが現地で取材、録音してきましたので、その様子をお届けします。
ISSの宇宙飛行士は、Kayla Barronさん(KI5LAL)でした。

1. What is your favorite space food?
2. How do you go to the bathroom in space?
3. How do you take a bath in space?
4. How are injuries and illness treated in space?
5. Because of COVID-19, people all over the world have to wear masks. Do you wear a mask on the ISS, too?
6. What kind of training do you do in space?
7. What happens if you throw something on the ISS?
8. Can you see lightning from the ISS?
9. How can you see stars and constellations from space?
10. What are the hardest things on the ISS?
11. What are fun things to do on the ISS?
12. What do you want to eat after coming back to the earth?
13. What were you interested in when you were 11 years old?
14. What made you want to become an astronaut?
15. What kind of effort did you make to become an astronaut?
16. What is your dream for the future as an astronaut?
17. What do you do on the ISS?
18. What is the biggest problem of weightlessness?
19. Can you distinguish a heavy object and a light object in zero gravity?
20. How can you get along with other crew members from different countries?


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-1曲目 : [アーチスト] Chet Atkins [曲名] When It’s Cherry Blossom Time
-2曲目 : [アーチスト] Chet Atkins [曲名] Poinciana

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